Brittany’s Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation

Sunburst Wedding Invitation for Brittany Murray

Brittany Murray came to me asking if I could design some wedding invitations for her. Together we looked around the internet to gather some ideas on the style that she would want. When Brittany settled onto something she liked, she asked me to recreate a similar invitation.

Since Brittany is having a private ceremony with just close friends and family, she also asked me to create an invitation for only those invited to the reception after the private ceremony. I used the same characteristics and created a smaller invitation.

RSVP Cards will be coming soon!

Sunburst Wedding Reception Invited


~ by Sienna Miller on March 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “Brittany’s Wedding Invitations”

  1. I just made like 7 sample wedding invites for someone. And I don’t think they’re going to use them, lol. Frick. It’s cute.

    • Thank you!

      Luckily Brittany knew exactly what she wanted. I made a invitation before this one that she didn’t like but I had also made this one to show her.

  2. wat is ur MySpace name?

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