Recipe Cards

Oatmeal Rolls Recipe

Orange Recipe Card

Apple Crisp

Green Recipe Card

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Red Recipe Card

These are some recipe cards that my mom asked me to design for her. She loves the cards and uses the different colors to differ between the different types of food. I like the simple, colorful design that I ended up with. Eventually I will be creating a cooking book that goes with the cards.

The “Generations and Friends” name is something that my mom came up with. It stands for the way in which the recipes have been handed down to her. The recipes are my grandmas’, aunts’, sisters’, my mom’s grandma, etc. I thought the name fit perfectly.

Carmel Popcorn Recipe

Blue Recipe Card


~ by Sienna Miller on March 10, 2010.

One Response to “Recipe Cards”

  1. ..inquiring about your recipe cards- loved the script as well as the image!
    I am looking for a thank you gift for some precious ladies who used their gift of cooking/baking to make all the dishes at my son’s and daughter in law’s wedding celebration luncheon. These cards would be perfect. I will be looking forward to your response. Rebecca Duncan

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