Get That DREAM Job!

Ever wonder what you can do to get ahead of everyone else out there? Worried about not standing out when you apply for a job?

On March 31, 2010 the Public Relations and Advertising Club had a guest speaker for their Inspiration Cramsession. Her name is Christel Benson and she is a professor at Pittsburg State University in the Department of Graphics and Imaging.

Christel spoke to us about her portfolio, how to advertise yourself to the job market, the best way to build your resume, and many other things. After the session, many who attended were filled with inspiration and new ideas on how to get themselves their dream job.

Now it’s your turn to learn how to get that job . . .

The first and most important point is to BE AWARE of what you are APPLYING FOR! Be sure to go over what you are sending to the company and make sure your information applies to that company. You want your resume to be exactly what they are looking for, so be sure to tweek it so it will relate to the job.

Also, make sure you know about the company you are applying for. Take an interest in the business you want to work for. Find out what they are doing in their community, their biggest clients, their treatment of their workers . . . ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. These companies want to know that you are interested in them.

After sending your resume and cover letter, follow up with a packet of your work. Make yourself stand out and show that you want this job and are willing to work hard to get it. If you have a unique name, quality, etc., then make that stand out about you!

Be sure you don’t just write down references, call them up and/or email them to let them know what you’re applying for and ask if they are willing to help you out. That way when the employer calls them, they already know what to talk about.

Everybody has their weaknesses. Understand yours. Turn them into something positive. You will be asked what your weaknesses are, so be ready to talk about them in a good way rather than being completely negative.

If you’re good at something, talk about it. If you worked hard for your GPA, point that out. If you have great team collaboration, inform them about it. Talk about jobs that you held for a long time, coordinating events, the signage you created, your public speaking abilities. All these help make you into a better candidate!

Finally, you’re leaving the interview but there are still 10 other candidate to interview. What can you do so that the interviewer will remember you out of all of them? Leave something behind. Whether it’s a brochure, piece of work, business card that stands out. I have heard of applicants leaving drumsticks behind because that was their hobby. It stood out to the employer. Figure out what this piece will be for you! It’s an easy way to market yourself to them!

If you are still in College, look at ever assignment as a portfolio piece. This is when you have the students and teachers surrounding you to make sure your piece is as good as it can be. Work hard! The more work you do now, the less that you have to worry about later.
Just like your resume and cover letter, customize your portfolio to fit the job. BE CONFIDENT about the way it looks, the way it’s assembled, and the pieces you have in it. You have to be able to talk about the pieces of work comfortably. Talk to others about your portfolio. Practice makes perfect. Talk to other companies you know aren’t hiring about letting you sit in on a mock interview. It’s a competitive job market out there, so you have to be your best!

The job is going to go to the one who is most prepared. Do what you can to be THE person they need.

To check out more about Christel Benson, go to her blog at


~ by Sienna Miller on July 20, 2010.

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  1. WOW! Thanks for the shout out!

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