Yay for Job Hunting!

Now that I am about to graduate from college, I am on the hunt for that perfect job. I couldn’t have been more excited to graduate . . . and then I started the job searching process.

Who would’ve thought this took so much time?

A couple of months ago I went to a conference where they spoke to us about how to get that job that you want. They said things like, Personalize your information to the company. Make sure you check on your status, but don’t bother them too much! Don’t leave voicemails if you can’t reach them but don’t give up! Have an amazing portfolio to WOW them. Be Unique. KNOW SOMEBODY! I could go on and on.

So I start job hunting, keeping everything in mind that they told me to. Wow . . . that’s a lot of work. I believe the hardest thing is finding the contact person, you know, the one you are supposed to address everything to. If there’s one big no no in applying for jobs, it’s putting “To Whom It May Concern” at the top of your cover letter. You mind as well just throw that dream away. I’ll be on a roll applying for jobs, then it’s ten at night and I have no contact person. I guess I’ll be on hold for the next day!

I’ve always told myself, go big. I’m young and can do anything, go where ever I want right now. So I’m applying to whatever job makes me excited when I read it. But I still get nervous. There’s no doubt about that. When I come across that New York job, my heart skips a beat as I click the send button. And then I find a job I really, really want. I think my hand starts to shake a bit when I email the company my resume and portfolio.

So far this week, I have applied to:
• Names and Numbers – Pittsburg, KC
• Noble Marketing, Inc. – Orlando, FL
• The Design Image Group, Inc – Chicago, IL
• Helzberg Diamonds – Kansas City, MO
• Barkley – Kansas City, MO
AND McCord Design Group – St. Louis, MO

Let’s hope that I’ll be hearing back from them soon!

If you happen to hear or know of any Graphic Design/Production Artist job openings, feel free to email me or leave a message! : )



~ by Sienna Miller on February 4, 2011.

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